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    Appraisal Certificate

    Do you have a clear title?

    Trailer Financed?

    Title in Your Name?

    Is there any rust on unit?

    Faded Paint?

    Is there any corrosion on aluminum floor?

    Any damage to the exterior, dents or dings?

    Has Unit ever leaked?

    Does the inside floor have any soft spots?

    Any stains on the upholstery or carpet?

    Living Quarters Factory or Homemade?

    Answer Questions With Overall Ratings 1 thru 10. (10 Being Excellent)

    Exterior of Unit

    Dents or Dings?

    Tire Condition

    Age of tire? Orginal tires?

    Condition of Wooden Floor

    Any rot?


    Will they slide in gravel?


    Last time serviced?


    All working properly?

    Floor Mats, Wall mats, Stall Pads

    Any rips or tears?

    Air Conditioner

    Last time serviced?

    Awning and awning fabric

    Any Rips, tears or broken?

    Bathroom Tub and Shower

    Any Leaks?

    Battery Condition

    How Many? Age?

    Condition of interior walls & ceilings

    Holes or torn wallpaper?

    Blinds and Curtains

    Need restrug or broken?

    Floor condition- Carpet, vinyl or tile

    Any rips or tears?


    Blowing hot?

    Holding Tanks

    Please Dump

    Monitor system

    Reading correctly?

    LP system and tanks

    Any Leaks?


    Ever been Replaced?

    Power Converter

    Any electrical issues?


    Working Properly?


    Working on both gas/elec

    Roof and Roof sealant condition

    Last time serviced?

    Hydraulic jacks

    Working Properly?

    Water pump

    Working Properly?


    Working Properly?

    TV antenna


    TV, VCR, DVD, Surrond Sound

    Working Properly?

    Water heater

    Working Properly?

    Water system and water lines

    Any Leaks?


    Working? Size? Hours?

    Trailer Image

    Customer Certification: I certify that the information I have given on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Select Trailer Co. is may be adjusted downward if the description I have given is not correct after our trade inspection.

    Date of Appraisal

    I understand a (1) hour check will be performed by a technician before the walk through of new unit.